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  • Emergency_Care Emergency Care

    Do you have a toothache or dental injury? Don’t wait in pain! Our emergency dentists are here to help relieve your pain and treat your dental emergency promptly!

  • Flexible_Financing Flexible Financing

    Do you need a tooth extracted or your wisdom teeth removed, but don’t know if you can afford it? We have flexible financing to break up the price of your treatment into low monthly payments. Learn more

  • Certified_IV_Sedation IV Sedation Available

    Don’t be scared to have your tooth removed! We are certified in IV sedation and have other sedation options to keep you relaxed and comfortable during treatment.

Emergency Tooth Extractions

Streetsboro Tooth Extractions

Don’t wait in pain for emergency dental care. Whether you have an impacted wisdom tooth or an infection that needs immediate care, your comfort is our top priority. We have late hours during the week, and are open on Saturdays! Schedule a convenient appointment that fits your busy schedule. Signature Smiles Dental has the experience and expertise you can rely on when you need oral surgery.

Experienced & Certified Oral Surgeons

  • Emergency patients seen same day.
  • Certified sedation dentists – IV sedation available.
  • We offer flexible financing – ask us what your options are.

Gentle and Experienced Dentists

In many cases, patients are afraid to have a tooth extracted. However, waiting for proper care can cause severe health problems, including gum disease and abscesses. Our surgical team is prepared to handle anything! We’ll have you healthy and smiling again after just a couple visits to our office, which will include a new patient exam and x-rays to help us get to know your situation.

Having an emergency? Give us a call. We treat emergencies promptly! Plus, we’re open late on some weekdays and open on Saturdays so you can get the care you need when you need it. You shouldn’t have to wait in pain, so we’re here to help.

Call us today to schedule a consultation for a tooth extraction!

Tooth Extraction FAQs

Why would I need a tooth extraction?

There are many reasons a tooth extraction could become necessary, tooth decay being one of the most common reasons. If a root canal can’t be performed to restore a decayed tooth or it isn’t done in time, the tooth will have to be extracted. If a tooth breaks or is damaged due to trauma of some kind, the best option may be to extract and replace it.

Advanced periodontal disease can cause teeth to become loose, and in certain circumstances, the tooth should be extracted and replaced with a dental restoration. Teeth are also extracted due to overcrowding, which can happen with any tooth, but it is a very common reason for wisdom teeth to require extraction.

Can I be sedated during a tooth extraction?

If you would like to utilize sedation during your tooth extraction procedure, our team can absolutely make that happen for you. For some extractions, all that is really necessary is a local anesthetic to numb the tooth and the surrounding area. For other procedures, like removing impacted wisdom teeth, sedation is highly recommended. If you have any questions, feel free to ask our team about our sedation options or visit our sedation page.

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When can I eat after a tooth extraction?

Aftercare depends on the type of treatment, but most of the time you are free to eat an hour or two after the procedure. You will want to chew using the other side of your mouth and stick to very soft foods and liquids, like yogurt, applesauce, soup, mashed potatoes, and smoothies. It is very important that you do not use a straw to drink anything for at least one week after the extraction, as this can cause a painful complication called a dry socket.

Are tooth extractions covered by dental insurance?

Many plans offer full or partial coverage for tooth extractions. Our dental savers plan can help you save on restorative care including any dental extractions you may need, and Signature Smiles also accepts payment plans through CareCredit®. For more information about financing your tooth extraction, please get in touch with our office or visit our financial page.

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