Get a Beautiful Smile with Our Cosmetic Options

  • Adult Braces Adult Braces

    Many adults prefer Six Month Smiles to traditional braces. These discreet braces are much lighter and less noticeable than your typical metal braces.

  • Affordable Teeth Straightening Affordable Teeth Straightening

    Text below affordable teeth straightening: You can break up the payment of your Six Month Smiles with CareCredit, a patient financing credit card that divides your treatment into low monthly payments. Learn more

  • A Beautiful Smile in A Few Months Time A Beautiful Smile in A Few Months Time

    Most of our patients can get the straighter smile they want in just 6-9 months. Call our office to schedule a consultation today!

Why Invisible Braces?

Why Invisible Braces?

Six Month Smiles aren’t only for adults. Teens, too, can benefit from accelerated braces, and they won’t have to deal with the bright colors that are common with traditional braces. Whatever your teeth straightening needs are, Six Month Smiles will provide you with a straight smile without the hassle.

    Why Are Six Month Smiles Our Preferred Choice for Braces?

  • Only 6-9 months of treatment needed!
  • Clear brackets and neutral wires are barely noticeable.
  • We offer flexible financing – just ask us what your options are.

How Do Accelerated Braces Work?

How Do Accelerated Braces Work?


Six Month Smiles cosmetic braces gently move your teeth into perfect positions in a short amount of time. In just 6-9 months you’ll have a straighter smile. The high-tech wires were designed specifically to move your teeth faster, so you’ll get an effective straightening result in a short amount of time. Not only this, but the thin wires and tooth-colored brackets are barely noticeable! These adult braces are very discreet and blend in better with your teeth than traditional braces.

Benefits of Adult Braces


Adult braces are not always needed for cosmetic reasons (although this is definitely an added benefit!). Having straighter teeth can help prevent tooth decay, because you will be better able to clean your teeth and remove plaque from the tight spaces and hard-to-reach spots. Also, straighter teeth can help your bite and prevent uneven wear on your other teeth.

Call us today to get a beautiful, straighter smile!