Kids’ Dental Tips

At Signature Smiles Dental, we are excited to show your kids how proper at-home care, healthy eating, and protecting their teeth can help them have a beautiful smile for years to come.

Children’s Oral Health Tips

Parenting doesn’t come with a dental health manual, so we are happy to share our tips on how to protect and maintain your kids’ healthy smile.

  • Brush twice a day
  • Floss daily
  • Avoid overly acidic & sugary foods
  • Schedule routine cleanings & exams every six months
  • Use fluoride toothpaste

Healthy School Lunches

Healthy eating is an important contributor to your child’s oral health. If your child’s diet is low in nutrients and high in sugars it could lead to an oral infection or tooth decay. Read our blog post to see our favorite go-to snack and meal options to give your child the nutrients and energy they need!

Preventing Kid’s Sports Injuries

Sports are a great way for kids to form camaraderie among friends and to stay active, but they can also cause dental injuries. Before your little one starts playing sports, visit our office to get a custom-made athletic mouthguard to protect their teeth. An athletic mouthguard is essentially a thick retainer that acts as a protective barrier between your child’s teeth and anything that comes into contact with them, such as a ball or an elbow. They are a great way to help prevent your child from receiving an oral injury.

Main Causes of Tooth Pain

If your child is experiencing tooth pain and you aren’t sure why, we’ve listed some of the most common causes. Remember, if your child is experiencing any discomfort in their teeth or gums, it’s important to schedule an appointment with us as soon as possible. We won’t know what the exact problem is until we perform an examination.

  • Tooth Decay — can arise from excess sugar, lack of flossing, or improper dental hygiene
  • Abscessed Tooth — can occur from tooth cracking, tooth chipping, or gum disease
  • Damaged Filling — can happen when filling cracks, breaks, or falls out
  • Infected Gums — can develop from bacterial build-up that causes gum irritation & bleeding

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