Same-Day Emergency Dental Appointments

  • Don’t Wait in Pain! Don’t Wait in Pain!

    If you are experiencing any pain or have a dental injury, call our office right away. We offer same-day emergency dental appointments to take care of you as soon as possible.

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    Do you have an unexpected dental emergency? Don’t worry, we provide flexible financing through CareCredit to help break up your payments.

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    Our Saturday appointments and late hours means you to get dental care you need when you need it most!

Emergency Dental Care

Streetsboro Emergency Dental Office

The most common pain issues and dental emergencies we see are a result of decayed teeth that need to be extracted or from teeth that are knocked out. We leave time in our schedule for emergencies, so visit us immediately for any pain you are experiencing!

We are open on Saturdays and are open late during the week, so if you have a dental emergency or are experiencing tooth pain, call us right away.

Call us if you’re having a dental emergency!

  • Same-day emergency dental appointments.
  • Certified sedation dentists – IV sedation available.
  • We offer flexible financing – ask us what your options are.

Common Dental Emergencies

Common dental emergencies include cavities that start causing a lot of pain, knocked out teeth, gum injury, abscesses, broken or cracked teeth, unexplained severe tooth ache, or even objects getting stuck in your teeth. If you have any of these emergencies, call us immediately. If you have a knocked out tooth, don’t handle the tooth by the roots. Hold the tooth by the crown and after rinsing it with water, try to insert it back into your mouth gently while you’re on your way to your appointment. If you are not sure what to do, call our office and we’ll walk you through what you should do.

When you come in for your emergency dental appointment, we will make you comfortable and relieve the pain you are experiencing. We have sedation options to help you feel relaxed, and we’ll get you back to feeling better in no time.

Should I see an emergency dentist or go to the ER?

If a patient has a dental-related injury, it’s recommended that they visit an emergency dentist instead of going to a hospital. This is because emergency room doctors don’t typically have the tools or knowledge required to handle issues that involve the teeth or gums. If you have any other injuries that are more urgent than your dental emergency, then we recommend heading to the emergency room first before seeking emergency dental care.

What should you do if the inside of your mouth is injured?

If you cut the inside of your mouth or your gums, the first thing you will want to do is rinse your mouth out with a warm saltwater solution to clean the affected area. Then, hold a piece of gauze or clean cloth over the mouth injury to stop the bleeding. Resist the urge to remove the gauze for at least 15 minutes to give the blood enough time to clot. If you are still bleeding profusely, call our office and make an emergency appointment with our team right away.

How do I manage my tooth pain before I can see the dentist?

There are a few home remedies that patients can utilize before they have a dentist diagnose and treat their tooth pain. Holding a cold compress to the side of your face where the toothache is can help numb the pain, as can rinsing with a warm saltwater solution or taking pain medication. Some patients find that household ingredients like clove oil, vanilla extract, and crushed garlic can help relieve tooth pain when applied around the tooth. If the pain ever becomes unbearable, we recommend making an emergency appointment with our team as soon as possible.

Affordable Emergency Dental Care

We offer a FREE Emergency Consultation and flexible financing options to patients who need urgent dental treatment. Call our office for more details!

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