Dentures Today

Thanks to advancements in technology, today’s dentures are more comfortable than their predecessors. The materials fit better, meaning your dentures don’t slide around or click. Overall, dentures today function much more like natural teeth, meaning you’re more at ease when you’re wearing them.

Complete Dentures

Traditional complete dentures are precisely what people think of when they think of dentures. They are a removable appliance that sits on top of the gums and remaining teeth. They are often bonded to the gums temporarily using a glue. The top part of the denture covers your upper palate, which allows for a secure seal once placed and bonded.

Partial Dentures

For patients missing a few teeth, partial dentures are a great option. They can be either removable or fixed. We can use partial dentures to close up holes in your smile caused by missing teeth. Removable partials attach using a metal clasp and require minimal tooth preparation. A fixed partial, also known as a dental bridge, is supported by implants or natural teeth on either side of the gap.

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Our Dentures Process

To ensure that your dentures – whether partial or complete – will serve you well, we do a thorough consultation prior to fabricating the dentures. During this consultation, we make molds of your mouth and teeth. This allows us to get the dentures to sit as comfortably as possible inside your mouth. We send these molds off to our lab, who fabricates the dentures and sends them back to us. We’ll then bring you in for a fitting and make any adjustments necessary. The entire process – approximately three to four appointments – may seem like a long one, but it is vital to getting you great-fitting and functioning dentures.

Can I Afford Dentures?

If you’re asking yourself this very question after deciding that dentures sound like the right treatment option for you, don’t worry. At Signature Smiles Dental, we do all we can to keep treatments affordable, dentures included! We offer a number of , including our in-house Dental Discount Plan that can help you save big on the treatment.