Top 5 Iconic Monster Teeth

black illustration of a vampire head on an orange background

Happy almost Halloween! Ever wondered what makes the most iconic monsters of all time so scary looking? Their teeth! From vampires to werewolves, scary teeth make these monsters all the more memorable. We’ve compiled a list of our top 5 iconic monster teeth in the spirit of this spooky season:

1. Dracula

This vampire is instantly recognizable because of his two large fangs. After all, he uses them to suck his victims’ blood! Although Bram Stoker’s famous novel doesn’t quite say how Dracula became a vampire, legend has it that being bitten by a vampire bat or another vampire will turn you into one of these toothsome monsters.

2. Werewolf

Vampires aren’t the only monsters known for having sharp, scary fangs. Werewolves are humans that shape shift into wolves at night, growing long canines in the process. That’s quite the daily tooth transformation!

3. King Kong

The epic movie monster is often pictured mid-roar, showing off his giant teeth. According to the movie, this giant ape was able to fight and take down a Tyrannosaurus Rex!

4. Frankenstein

Frankenstein may not have giant, fearsome fangs, but he doesn’t have perfect pearly whites either! The zombie’s decaying, yellowed teeth are even scarier to your dentist than they are to you. No Frankenstein costume is complete without a set of fake monster teeth.

5. Witch

A witch’s crooked, gapped snaggleteeth are just as iconic as the wart on her nose. It is clear that she hasn’t seen a dentist in years! Ever wondered why depictions of witches frequently have green skin? The sole reason is the Wicked Witch of the West in the film The Wizard of Oz, who was shown with green skin. Before that, witches were usually described as having red or orange skin!

These monsters may have scary teeth, but you shouldn’t! Whether you’re interested in teeth whitening or restorative procedures, our team at Signature Smiles is here to help you.

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