What Teeth Whitening Works Best?

After receiving teeth whitening, a man and woman cuddle on the couch and smile with their orange mugs
Is your smile not as sparkly as it used to be? Teeth whitening is the best way to restore your teeth to their original luster. We’ll take a look at popular teeth whitening options, including one that we offer here at Signature Smiles Family Dentistry so you can decide which is best for you.

Non-Bleaching Methods

As the name implies, non-bleaching methods don’t contain any bleaching agents to whiten your teeth. These would include baking soda, activated charcoal, some whitening toothpastes, and whitening strips. Most non-bleaching methods work by lifting stains through abrasion, so they are mostly good for eliminating newer, surface-level stains. So if you want fast and significant changes to the color of your smile, do-it-yourself and store-bought whitening treatments won’t deliver the results you’re looking for. Moreover, some non-bleaching methods can actually damage your enamel with extended use, so it’s wise to not overdo it.

Bleaching Methods

Bleaching methods contain a high concentration of substances like hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide to dramatically alter the color of your teeth in a short amount of time. You can usually find a high concentration of bleaching agents with in-office bleaching treatments—in fact, you can whiten your teeth up to several shades in one in-office treatment alone!

Achieve a Brighter Smile at Signature Smiles

At Signature Smiles Family Dentistry, we can work with you to develop a cosmetic treatment plan that’s perfect for you, your smile goals, and your wallet. For those wanting professional teeth whitening, we offer the Opalescence® Tooth Whitening System, which is even more convenient than most in-office bleaching methods because it does not require the use of an uncomfortable activation light. Instead, it’s chemically activated, which means that this dentist-applied gel delivers dazzling results within an hour, conveniently and comfortably.

Maintaining Your White Smile

Do keep in mind that bleaching isn’t permanent; superb oral care is critical to maintain your newly brightened smile. We’ll give you tailored instructions on how to maintain your white smile after your treatment so you can extend the life of your whitened smile. But in general, you’ll need to daily brush and floss your teeth, visit us for regular cleanings and checkups, and limit your consumption of foods and beverages that can stain your teeth over time (like soda, wine, coffee, balsamic vinegar, curry, and tomato-based sauces).

Are you ready for a whiter smile? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!