Back to School: How to Prevent and Handle Oral Sports Injuries

It’s that time of the year again. Time for kids to pick out backpacks, markers, and notebooks. Soon, they’ll be heading back to school. They’ll meet their teachers, see their friends, and start playing sports. Sports are highly loved among kids of all ages. Pep rallies, cheerleaders, and a sense of community accompany each game. And while sports are fun entertainment and exercise, they can also be dangerous. So, as your kid heads back to school, you should know how to prevent and handle oral sports injuries. 

Ouch! Elbow to the Face

It’s a common occurrence while watching a game of football, or basketball, to see one kid’s elbow collide with another kid’s face. The kid is in pain, while the parents are full of concern. Thankfully, oral injuries are very treatable, but it’s important to see a dentist quickly. If you wait too long to have a dentist examine the injury, it causes more discomfort and possibly long-term problems that will increase your dental costs. Going to the dentist quickly will allow the dentist to inspect the injuries before they cause further damage, and start the proper procedure based upon your child’s injury. Even lacerations require careful cleaning, and sutures if necessary. Your dentist is the best choice for such delicate cleaning. He will also be able to evaluate the situation to determine whether your child may need antibiotics or a tetanus shot. 

Prevent Injuries with Athletic Mouthguards

The most important thing when it comes to oral sports injuries, is prevention. It’s important to encourage your children to be aware of their surroundings, and to use caution whenever possible. Protective equipment is the best line of defense against oral injuries. Mouthguards will help keep you kid’s teeth, and mouth, protected. You may think of football when you think of mouthguards, but they are needed in any contact sport. You kids should wear them during the game and practice. 

Not all mouthgaurds offer the same level of protection. The best protection for your child’s teeth is a custom-fit mouthguard. Your dentist will create models of your child’s teeth to give the very best fit, as well as maximum protection. 

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